Capsule Filling Machine


  • Capsule machine in size 000, 00, 0, or 1
  • Average Capsule fill weight Average from 1000mg – 350mg depending on capsule & machine
  • Light Weight and Travel Friendly
  • Customise you own Supplements to your own requirements
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Capsule Filling Machine in Size 000, 00, 0, or 1

– CAPSI Filling machine for empty capsule for use with gelatin or vegetarian caps.

Capsule sizes are your reliable supplier for empty hard capsules.

Our top quality filling machines in different sizes.

Create your own capsules from your own home.

Bespoke your own capsules filling with herbs, vitamin and supplement powders in bulk.

Pill maker filler can create 100 custom capsules within minutes

For use with CAPSI Capsules  HPMC or Gelatin

Package Included: 1 x Alignment Plate 1 x Body Plate 1 x Middle Plate 1 x Cap Plate 1 x Powder Pressing Plate 1 x Power Spreader 1 x Handle

Condition: New

Item Type: Capsule Filler Machine

Product Material: Plastic Color: Blue & off white Holes

Quantity: 100 Suitable for Capsule Type: Various selections

Alignment Plate Width: Approx. 15.7cm / 6.2inch Package Weight: Approx. 798g

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000, 00, 0, 1


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